Allana Sabio


Instructor Allana Sabio is a second-degree black belt instructor at Kim’s Taekwondo Institute (KTI) in Fontana.

She started Taekwondo (TKD) at the age of 8 under the supervision of Master Nick.  Instructor Allana started learning TKD because her older sister was taking classes. She quickly noticed that Master Nick made learning TKD fun and enjoys the friendly environment at the dojang.

Instructor Allana’s goals are to one day test for her third-degree black belt. She believes that TKD shapes members into a better version of themselves and enjoys watching all her students succeed. In fact, she finds pleasure in watching her white belt students go on to receive their black belts.

Instructor Allana mentioned that the most challenging aspect of TKD for her is performing strength exercises. She advises all KTI members to never be afraid to ask for help during and after class. Instructor Allana is currently attending Summit High School. She is unsure about her long-term career goals but intends to one day attend college and obtain a degree.


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