Billy Fitzpatrick


Instructor Billy Fitzpatrick is a second-degree black belt instructor at Kim’s Taekwondo Institute (KTI) in Fontana. He started Taekwondo (TKD) at the age of 11 under the supervision of Grand Master Kim.

Instructor Billy started learning TKD because he wanted to learn how to defend himself. He states that TKD helped him get physically fit, mentally strong, and more confident in his abilities to succeed.

He learned the fundamentals of perseverance through adversity. In addition, TKD has shown him the value on being kind to others and the meaning of integrity. Instructor Billy enjoys encouraging TKD members to do their absolute best. He finds gratification when KTI members appreciate the training tips since this type of appreciation shows that the lesson was not taken for granted.

Instructor Billy usually performs weightlifting exercises outside of class as well as occasional cardio activities. He mentioned that the most challenging aspect of TKD was to not get discouraged when not being able to perform a certain TKD techniques. He learned that with great consistency comes amazing accomplishments.

He advises KTI members to continue to push themselves to the best of their abilities and to never give up. He mentioned as you continue to persevere through challenges you will notice improvements in your TKD skills. Instructor Billy is currently attending Chaffey Community College where he plans to complete his associate degree in business and transfer to a 4-year university to earn a business degree.


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