Kayla Sabio


Instructor Kayla Sabio is a second-degree black belt instructor at Kim’s Taekwondo Institute (KTI) in Fontana.

She started Taekwondo (TKD) at the age of 11 under the supervision of Master Nick.  Instructor Kayla was introduced to KTI during an event at her elementary school. Her elementary school was hosting a martial arts event and that is where she met Master Nick. After the event, instructor Kayla decided to try out TKD along with her little brother. Kayla remembers becoming obsessed with TKD.

She practiced endlessly on her curriculum kicks and poomsae with her siblings while at home. According to Kayla, the safe, friendly and family environment Master Nick has developed at the dojang is what she appreciates the most about KTI.

She believes this type of structure has helped her grow as a person in both TKD and in her personal life. Instructor Kayla enjoys encouraging TKD members, especially those that are extremely nervous. She loves watching them enjoy “kicking it” at KTI.

Instructor Kayla has learned that practicing at home is critical in becoming better at TKD. She stretches before doing her schoolwork and often goes on short runs. One aspect about TKD that instructor Kayla finds challenging is developing strength. She admits that gaining muscle strength has been a long process for her and that the encouragement at KTI motivates her to stay focused on her TKD goals.

She highly recommends KTI members ask questions when they practice curriculum kicks, poomsae or anything that is related to cardio or strength.

While attending Summit High School, Kayla has maintained a 4.0 grade point average. Upon graduating from high school this year, instructor Kayla’s academic goals include attending college so she can major in biochemistry or pharmaceutical sciences.


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