Kyle Davis


Instructor Kyle Davis has been attending Kim’s Taekwondo Institute (KTI) in Fontana since the age of 9 and will be receiving his second-degree black belt in 2021.

Throughout his TKD journey, instructor Kyle has been guided and instructed by Master Nick. Instructor Kyle initially joined KTI to obtain confidence so he can prepare himself for everyday challenges such as tests, performances, and competitions.

Instructor Kyle was quite nervous during his first sessions at KTI but was able to overcome his nerves afterwards since it’s normal to feel that way. One of the things that he enjoys about KTI is the family environment and the way he was welcomed back after a 4-year absence. Instructor Kyle’s goals as an instructor are to pass on the TKD knowledge he has gained while at KTI and to see other students progress and succeed during their color belt and black belt exams.

He recognizes how important it is to train outside of the normal KTI sessions and admits that he needs to spend more time doing so. He also recommends that all KTI members have fun while doing TKD.

Seeing KTI members come out of their comfort zones is a joy for him to watch. For instructor Kyle, one of his challenges in TKD is sparring. Although he continues to be challenged by it, sparring is more of a mental exercise and calming nerves is key.

Instructor Kyle is currently attending Chaffey Community College and hopes to one day graduate from a 4-year university. He plans to major in law enforcement so he can one day become a detective.


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