Master, Lead instructor, Tournament Coach

Master Nick Bojorquez is the Master, lead instructor and Olympic-style tournament coach of KTI - Kim’s Taekwondo Institute in Fontana.

Master Nick became certified as a fourth-degree black belt representing the status of “Sa Bum Nim” which means “Master” in May 2014 by Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters. He started his training in taekwondo in 1994 under the supervision and teachings of Master Jae Hyung Kim and KTI’s founder Grand Master Kap Yeol Kim of Rancho Cucamonga.

At the age of eight, Master Nick entered his first Olympic-style taekwondo tournament as a green belt. He later became the California Taekwondo United 2005 junior champion as a black belt. Additionally, he is certified as a referee by the California Taekwondo United organization.

Master Nick has been instructing students in Olympic-style Taekwondo since the 2005. Master Nick’s enthusiasm is matched by no one. His dojang is always full of energy and his classes are dynamic and fun for children and adults! In addition, Master Nick’s goal are to instill the tenants of tae kwon do (Self Control, Integrity, Indomitable, Perseverance, and Courtesy) while inside and outside of class.

Nick Bojorquez


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